Running SIMPLIS from a Script

SIMPLIS may be launched from a script using the command RunSIMPLIS:

RunSIMPLIS  filename
filename Name of file containing the SIMPLIS netlist. If a full path is not supplied, filename will be assumed to be relative to the current directory. Note that the extension of the file must always be supplied; no default is assumed.
The RunSIMPLIS command will not pre-process the netlist. This must be done separately using the PreProcessNetlist command. See Netlist Preprocessor.

RunSIMPLIS is the primitive SIMetrix command that launches SIMPLIS. However, when running a simulation on a schematic, a number of other activities are performed. These include pre-processing the netlist generated by the schematic editor and also resolving a trigger device for POP analysis (see SIMPLIS-POP). If you wish to simulate a schematic in exactly the same manner as the Run menu, you need to execute the script simplis_run. This simulates the currently open schematic. The full source for simplis_run can be found on the install CD.