GetKnownFolderPath Function

Get system path location as defined by the operating system.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 String Yes String to identify folder to return

Argument 1

String to identify folder to return. The following table lists all the strings currently recognised. Not all of these will return a path on all systems and many are probably not meaningful.

For more information on these values, search the Internet for Microsoft documentation on KNOWNFOLDERID. Information for each will be listed under FOLDERID_xxx. For example see FOLDERID_Downloads for information on the folder returned for GetKnownFolderPath('Downloads')

AdminTools Pictures SamplePictures ConflictFolder
CDBurning PrintHood SampleVideos ConnectionsFolder
CommonAdminTools Profile SavedGames ControlPanelFolder
CommonPrograms ProgramData SavedSearches Games
CommonStartMenu ProgramFiles SendTo HomeGroup
CommonStartup ProgramFilesX64 SidebarDefaultParts HomeGroupCurrentUser
CommonTemplates ProgramFilesX86 SidebarParts InternetFolder
Contacts ProgramFilesCommon StartMenu LocalizedResourcesDir
Cookies ProgramFilesCommonX64 Startup NetworkFolder
Desktop ProgramFilesCommonX86 System OriginalImages
DeviceMetadataStore Programs SystemX86 PhotoAlbums
Documents Public Templates Playlists
DocumentsLibrary PublicDesktop UserPinned PrintersFolder
Downloads PublicDocuments UserProfiles PublicUserTiles
Favorites PublicDownloads UserProgramFiles RecycleBinFolder
Fonts PublicGameTasks UserProgramFilesCommon RoamedTileImages
GameTasks PublicLibraries Videos RoamingTiles
History PublicMusic VideosLibrary SamplePlaylists
ImplicitAppShortcuts PublicPictures Windows Screenshots
InternetCache PublicRingtones SEARCH_CSC
Libraries PublicVideos AccountPictures SearchHome
Links QuickLaunch AddNewPrograms SEARCH_MAPI
LocalAppData Recent ApplicationShortcuts SyncManagerFolder
LocalAppDataLow RecordedTVLibrary AppsFolder SyncResultsFolder
Music ResourceDir AppUpdates SyncSetupFolder
MusicLibrary Ringtones ChangeRemovePrograms UsersFiles
NetHood RoamingAppData CommonOEMLinks UsersLibraries
PicturesLibrary SampleMusic ComputerFolder


Return type: string

Full path of specified location