SIMPLIS MDM Beta Tutorial

The SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module (MDM) is currently in Beta release and is available in SIMetrix/SIMPLIS version 8.40 Beta 1. If you would like to evaluate MDM, please send an evaluation request to:

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce you to the basics of the new SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module (MDM). This will be done through two examples:

  • The design of an inductor for the output filter of a 12V-to-1.2V, 10A output, 500kHz switching frequency Buck DC/DC converter
  • The design of a transformer for an isolated AC line-to-5V, 2A output self-oscillating converter

In this tutorial you will learn how to do the following:

  • Create a physical model of an inductor and a transformer from standard magnetic parts, including cores and wires, using SIMPLIS MDM.
  • Obtain detailed estimates of losses inside magnetic components via postprocessing of simulation results in SIMPLIS MDM.
  • Analyze the postprocessing results to improve your design.
  • Define the thermal aspects of the design and operation of a magnetic component inside a converter.
  • Save and load magnetic component designs (geometries).
  • See how SIMPLIS MDM's "Manufacturing View" can help you wind the transformer you designed.

Topics in this tutorial