LoadTouchstone Function

Loads a Touchstone network parameter file and converts it to Y-parameter values.

LoadTouchstone returns an ID for subsequent access to the data in the file or error messages if the load failed.

If the load was successful, use the function ReadTouchstone to read its data. If unsuccessful, error messages may be read using GetTouchstoneErrors .

Use DeleteTouchstone to delete the data loaded by LoadTouchstone.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 String Yes Filename
2 Real Yes Order of network

Argument 1

Path to Touchstone file

Argument 2

Order of network, that is the number of ports


Return type: Real array

Two field real array. First field is an integer ID than can be used for functions ReadTouchstone ,. Second field is 1 if the file was successfully read, otherwise 0.


Currently only 1 and 2 port s-parameter data and y-parameter data of any size is accepted. The data is returned as y-parameter values.

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