DefineToolBar Command

Defines the buttons for a user defined toolbar created using the command CreateToolBar . To define the buttons for a pre-defined toolbar, the associated option setting must be set using the command Set .

DefineToolBar <toolbar-name> <button-defs>



Undefined buttons are stored and added to the toolbar automatically if defined at a later time


Name of toolbar. This must be a toolbar created using CreateToolBar .


Semi-colon delimited list of button names to add to the toolbar. Buttons may either be one defined using CreateToolButton or one of the pre-defined types shown in the table below. The '-' character may also be used to specify a spacer

For a list of buttons, see Pre-defined Buttons .

The graphic images for all pre-defined buttons are built-in to the program, but the image files from which they were created can be found on the install CD.

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