EditCurveMarkerDialog Function

Opens a dialog intended for editing the characteristics of curve markers.

The Properties sheet behaves in the same way as the EditObjectPropertiesDialog function and is initialised by the functions arguments. The Edit sheet allows the edit and display of certain properties as defined in the following table:
Property Name Affects Control
Label Label
LabelJustification Text Alignment box. One of these values:
-1 Automatic
0 Left-Bottom
1 Centre-Bottom
2 Right-Bottom
3 Left-Middle
4 Centre-Middle
5 Right-Middle
6 Left-Top
7 Centre-Top
8 Right-Top
Font Font. String defining font specification

If any of the controls in the Edit sheet are changed, the corresponding property values in the Properties sheet will reflect those changes and vice-versa.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes Property names
2 string array Yes
3 string array No Property types

Argument 2

Property values


Return type: string array