SymbolInfoDialog Function

Opens a dialog box allowing the specification of symbol details.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No Initial settings
2 string No Available catalogs

Argument 1

String array length 5 specifying initial settings:
0 Symbol name
1 Display name
2 Catalog
3 Path
4 If 'component', save as component initially selected
5 If '1' "All references to symbol automatically updated" box will be checked.

Argument 2

List of available catalogs entered into catalog list box.


Return type: string array

String array of length 6 as follows

Index Description
0 Symbol name entry
1 Display name entry
2 Catalog selected
3 'Save to' radio button: 1 Global library, 2 Current schematic only, 3 Both
4 File path
5 '1' if 'All references to symbol automatically updated' box is checked, otherwise '0'