GetSymbols Function

Returns a string array containing information about installed symbols.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No 'name' Options
2 string No 'all' Catalog name

Argument 1

Defines what the function returns as defined in the following table:
Options value Description
'description' Returns the user name of each symbol.
'catalogs' Returns the catalog names for each of the symbols. The catalog defines how the symbol user name is displayed in the symbol dialog display as opened by the function SelectSymbolDialog . It consists of one or more strings separated by semi-colons. Each string defines a node in the tree list display.
'tree' 'catalogs' and 'description' merged together but separated by a semi-colon.
" Internal symbol name.
For example, the standard three terminal NPN symbol has an internal name of 'npn', a catalog of 'Semiconductors;BJTs' and a description of 'NPN 3 Terminal'. The value returned by the 'tree' option would be 'Semiconductors;BJTs;NPN 3 Terminal'.

Argument 2

Specifies a filter that selects symbols according to catalog. May be prefixed with '-' in which case all symbol not belonging to the specified catalog will be returned.


Return type: string array

Returns string array providing the symbol info as defined by arg 1 and 2. If there are no symbol libraries installed or there are no symbols with the specified catalog, an empty vector will be returned.