USB Dongle Replacement Policy

Defective Dongle/USB key

Should a dongle/USB key fail, we will replace it free of charge provided

  1. You have a current maintenance contract, AND
  2. The dongle/USB key has not been damaged by misuse

You can return the defective dongle/USB key to us and a free replacement will be given. A temporary node-locked license will be issued for use while we await the return of the defective dongle/USB key. If upon arrival at our office, we find the damage most likely caused by misuse, a quote for a replacement dongle will be sent to you.

For those outside of maintenance, a quote for the dongle/USB key replacement and shipping fees will be provided. If the key is not returned in either case a full license fee becomes payable.

Lost or Stolen Dongle/USB key

Should a dongle be lost or stolen, a new license will need to be purchased at full license cost. The purchaser is responsible for the safety of the dongle/USB key after initial delivery. We recommend all dongle/USB key users insure their products against theft and loss.